My Buddy…

Toonce met me halfway up the access road tonight, before I saw my little housemate I heard his meow. His little beacons reflected back my LED flashlight. I called out, “Tooncie! You should be sitting closer to the RV, in case you need to get to safety.” He meowed his happiness to see me or that his tummy was growling.

We walked together down the hill until we hit the muddy area where he meowed at me to carry him the rest of the way. I kept telling him,”Are you hungry buddy? As soon as I take off my boots I’ll get your supper going. You know in countries like Spain, cats eat a late supper.” After he ate his supper, I treated him to teaspoons of rice pudding. 

He really deserved a nice thank you dinner for being such a loyal cat. What friend sits on a pitch black night and waits for his caretaker to show up? This too will pass

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