Peaceful vs. Scary…

An hour before the end of my shift, the duty supervisor called and asked me to go with Ed on a T-1 Hi-cap repair. What could I say but yes. Ed would do the same for me. I called Ed, “Where are you Ed?” He replied, “I don’t want to be here Juan, North Richmond.” I got in my truck and jetted to where he told me he was.

I pulled up to Ed and said, “Ed! Why are you here at this time of night? This is beyond dangerous!” He agreed with me. “I know you want to go above and beyond but they hold up and shoot people here.” He listened to my pleas to get out of the area and packed up his tools. It was just then we heard multiple gun shots in the distance. “For God’s sake, turn off you warning lights and let’s make like seagulls and get the flock out of here.” 

We got back to the garage on time and it was just then that Ed looked wiped out and sweaty. As he was driving back he had a panic attack. “Ed! You need to not put yourself in danger. That was danger.” He nodded yes. The above picture is up in peaceful Sonoma, next time I’ll include a picture of North Richmond… This too will pass

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