Mr. Robot on Flight459

Not having Netflix at The Firewood Temple, it was a real treat to find Mr. Robot on the entertainment screen on the way back. I calculated I could actually watch five and a half episodes while in flight but being seated in row 19 didn’t help with the engine roar; after about twenty minutes of some choppy dialogue, I realized I would need to buy the second season as soon as it’s released. 

Some of the main characters from season one remain while others have disappeared. Most of the bad guys are still around, Elliot and his crew, not so much. Yes, F Society had affected the world’s stock and commodities markets and injured Evil Corp but like The World’s Largest Telecommunications Company, it would survive even if all it’s systems were hacked.

The World’s Largest Telecommunications Company is so fearful of being hacked, it has a little icon animal that reminds us not to go to unauthorized sites with our iPad and a minor charge, you can get a tee shirt of the icon saying, “Security starts with you!” No thanks! It sounds terrible but how I wish I could walk into work tomorrow and hear John say, “We were hacked by F Society last night. IT and asset protection has no restoral time.” 

It would take every bit of my self control not to jump out of my seat and yell out, “Woohoo!” I’ve decided if I don’t get on the fiber crew, I will retire in January. I used to love this job but it’s nothing but unattainable effiency formulas and no one cares anymore. If there is a real F Society, please bring them to at least their knees. This too will pass

Like Sardines…

I was thoughtful enough to check my two small bags in, so all I had with me was my thick coat. Not being in first class, I waited my turn to board. Everyone seems to bring barely legal carry on’s on board but somehow it was a big deal for me to put my coat in m a overhead bin. 

The bin above me had a stuffed zebra or giraffe and sometime that looked quite pokey like a a cactus. I tried to lay in my coat gently in the bin when the flight attendant said, “Sir that bin is full. Use the bin across from you!” I followed her orders. A few minutes later she said, “That coat needs to be moved. I’ll let you it store it with the stuffed zebra and cactus.”

Of course I get a middle seat next to a guy who needs to lose 100 pounds. It was a great trip other than the traffic ticket I got last night for talking on the phone while driving… The officer reminded me to be safe and when I asked him if New Jersey had Trial by Declaration, he had no clue. Oh well, I’m coming back in late January if all goes as planned and deal with it then… This too will pass

Delta Flight459

I’ll admit it, Newark’s Liberty International Airport is much closer than JFK. Next time I journey out here, I’ll most likely fly into Newark. I woke up at 3:30am this morning and quickly packed my bag (which means I just crammed all my stinky clothes in the bag) and headed east towards Jamaica Bay. Let’s see, I took Interstate 280 to the 95 to something in between and then the 495 and finally the 678, yeah I’m most certainly flying into Newark.

The National Car return area was quiet and they had their anti-social night shift guy on duty. He mumbled, “Wel…(I think it was welcome.)” He followed up his required welcome asking me if I had left anything in the car. The receipt followed and I was off to the sky train to Terminal 4.

 A few minutes later I was asking Ms. Nuwaki at check in if she could get me on an earlier flight… After what seemed like 20 minutes of typing her novel, she indeed got me on an 8:15 flight back home. I was pointed to the TSA Pre-Check line bypassing the guy with the goat wearing a gold chain and the woman who never heard of 9/11. She probably was unaware you can’t bring Anthony Perkins-Janet Lee stabbing scissors and foot long knitting needles in your carry on baggage. 

Here I sit in the Delta Sky Lounge where the peeled boiled eggs and whiskey is free. I know the booze is free because it’s 6:43am and the bar is two persons deep with thirsty flyers… I guess it’s the only way to fly. This too will pass

Wrestling Hunter…

Moments after this first photo was taken, Hunter kicked grandpa in the mouth. As punishment for hurting Papa, Hunter had tickles until he laughed out loud. In the first photo, Hunter got the helicopter treatment and he enjoyed being a baby helicopter!

 We played until it was his bathtime and he needed to calm down prior to his bedtime. I’ll miss my Hunter and next time I’m coming back with his Aunt Tashi in late January… This too will pass

Resupply Day…

We made our way to BJ’s, a Costco equivalent. Since the little family don’t drive, this is the one chance to get stuff to survive till Roberta or I show up again. A warm summer rain is coming down outside while the piped in music keeps telling us to let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

They’re selling snow shovels at this place, one thing they don’t sell on the West Coast. It might be fun shoveling snow and it sounds like great exercise! With the global climate changes happening, shoveling snow may be a thing of the past. I’ve never seen so many bags of rock salt stacked up ready for sale. I thought you sprinkle it on snow and the snow magically disappears?

This place has the usual five gallon buckets of mayonnaise but they also carry thirty different types of windshield scrapping tools. As the two of them figure out what they need, I watch Hunter sleeping… this too will pass

Montclair is Leonard Cohen Country…

While waiting for Chris to get off the bus, I stopped by a nearby Starbucks and waited for him in the warmth of the store. The store’s Muzak kept playing song after song of Leonard Cohen. I asked the barista about the fact that usually there is a wide range of songs played in other stores and he said, “People cried the day he died here. He was loved here.” 

I have no idea what tie he had to this town but I wasn’t about to upset the boat… I had really never knew Me. Cohen existed until a couple of years ago; she loved Leonard and would try to sing to his songs in a voice that sounded like a death rattle and a cat being strangled. I know I’ll never heard that voice again unless I mistreat Toonce severely. 

Leonard Cohen’s songs must had hit some note deep in one’s soul. I had heard his songs done by other performers but I never knew it was him who had composed them… okay enough about him. Montclair New Jersey is one of the most beautiful townships I’ve ever seen. Perfect for Hunter to grow up in… this too will pass


These are dangerous times we live in. A mentally ill man is about to run this country. The Orange One again went on a Tweeter rant saying he would have won the popular vote had it not been for the voter fraud in three states; there is no evidence of fraud but it was important enough to tweet this to his devout followers in an early morning rant. I wonder what his troop would be willing to do to correct this injustice done to him..? Think about this, we have a president who says things because he thinks it’s true, now don’t tell me that’s not scary.

This morning, I was checking out the Craigslist’s Rants and Raves as I often do. Rants and Raves is the section where people attempt to write their opinions about news items and such; most of it is a compilation of misspelled words and run on sentences. One such brilliant writer thought the best way to build and pay for building Hadrian’s Wall, I mean Trump’s Wall, is to round up all the college students who have defaulted on their student loans and make them build the wall to pay off their debt.

Another enteligent righter wanted to x press his ideas about white supremacy. “I was pazzed up for a job eventhou I was waymore koaefied.” I typed it exactly how this Nobel Laureate wrote it. Who knows what will happen in the coming years but I do know this, Trump’s election has opened a cesspool of stupidity and I really don’t know if it can be turned around. This too will pass

Hunter Is Getting a Personality…

I swear Hunter looks exactly like Chris when he was a baby. Hunter is so cute and so was Chris! He’s so energetic, thankfully I can hand him back to mom and dad when I get tired. Hunter climbs up on the couch with ease and pushes himself past the built up barriers set up to corral him. Today again we again played with his Duplo’s and farm animals until he fell asleep on the floor, so did I. 

One more day of spending time with him. Why does it have to pass

Arlington Diner…

Here I sit at the Arlington Diner in Bellevue New Jersey, it’s the closest thing I get to having a home cooked meal lately, I have little if any chance of having a meal made for me anytime soon unless Toonce learns to cook. I suppose this is some sort of karmic punishment for me not relishing what I had when I had it. 

The Arlington Diner is one of three places I frequent when I’m here in New Jersey. So you walk in and the host seats you along with a book thick plastic menu. You look around and most everyone is wearing a New York Jets or New York Giants parka. This place has been around since the early 40’s, the pattern in the countertop is rubbed off where everyone’s elbows contact the table surface. I can’t even imagine how many elbows it took to wear off the pattern in the Formica.

At the Arlington they serve everything, even Chinese food though I probably wouldn’t order it here or anywhere in New Jersey come to think of it; I ordered pork chops and apple sauce. A few minutes later there they were. The waitress with her Jersey accent said, “Wez ran out of green bean. Yous want some Brussel Sprouts?” I declined. They do make a great cherry pie and I could not resist. Okay off to take Chris to the PATH train at Penn Station… this too will pass………

PS… When I left the hotel it was sunny and pleasant, the sun is down and it’s beyond cold. I figured I wouldn’t need my coat, so me being a moron left it in the room… I don’t mind visiting but I don’t belong here. My joints hurt and it’s either oppressively hot or unbearably cold.