Day 19…

I’m starting to slow down after working 19 days straight. My goal is to work non-stop up until the day I fly back to see Hunter and Company! The days are finally ticking down to November 21st and that wonderful 9:30pm departure time. To tell you the truth, that’s all I care about in my life now is seeing my grandson, oh and of course Toonce. Lately with all this overtime and our shift start change from 1pm to 11am, there seems like less time to do anything other than work. 

Last night, Loyal Toonce was waiting for me in the pitch darkness. I could hear his fog horn meows directing me towards the RV. Finally my flashlight hit the little beacons of his two little eyes. I called out, “Tooncies! Thank you for guiding me safely to home port! Let’s get you some dinner.”

The moment I walked in I depressed to propane level button, thankfully it still reads three quarters. I said, “Toonce, it’s Fall and the nights are getting a bit chilly aren’t they!” His mind was focused on his dinner. “Is it tasty? It smells tasty!” I said. When he was done he licked his lips and meowed, “How about a good chin scratch?” I complied to his wishes until he and I fell asleep. Well folks, that’s my day… This too will pass

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