LinkedIn 101

I thought I’d never do it but I’ve signed up to be in LinkedIn. Who knows it might help me in the near future. I’ve worked for The World’s Largest Telecommunications Company for almost 36 years and I’ve acquired some specialized skills. There will be tiny wires and cable long after I’m in my next incarnation. 

If The World’s Largest Telecommuncations Company offers a buyout package I will pounce on it though I wouldn’t mind later working for a small telcom company to supplement my retirement income… The other day I was trying to sum up all my job skills for my LinkedIn page and I realized there are at least a hundred different job skills we do. 

Who do you know that can open a manhole safely ? There’s a trick to opening it and not dying upon entering. How many people can mess with a bundle of wires that look like a proverbial bird’s nest? There has to be some after life upon leaving The World’s Largest Telecommunications Company. This too will pass

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