The Drought Is Over…

The Chicago Cubs finally won a World Series. Around the time mom and dad were giving our great-grandparents a dime to go to the movie theater and the fight to let women vote was fully underway, some guy wanted to bring his goat to see a Chicago Cubs game at Wrigley Field. The goat carrying man was turned back at the gate and being upset, cursed the Cubs that they would never win a World Series again… Last night the Cubs broke that curse. 

Okay, I must admit, I’ve never been to Chicago, but I doubt the bar that the angry goat owner once owned is still in business let alone stands. At most there might be a bronze plaque stating that, “On this spot so and so proclaimed…” This season will go down in history and someday someone might say, “I remember that night the Cubs won. My brother wasn’t into baseball so my dad gave my him 60 dollars to go to the movies and we elected our first woman President a few days later.” This too will pass

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