I Like Jupiter…

Everyday I ask myself, “Is this Maya, The Grand Illusion?” Think about this, they say Jupiter has been spinning around for billions of years prior to us humans existing and it will continue long after we as a people are no more. It’s hard to put this idea into words but is Jupiter a collective idea we as a people have agreed upon or is it truly real. A blind man has no idea what Jupiter looks like yet if he’s asked, “Please describe it.” He would go on and tell you its physical appearance yet he’s never visually seen it. 

I know this sounds like madness but what if Jupiter was a collective thought. They say we have sent a few space probes to Jupiter but what if it’s one big movie in our minds, a collective movie. Jupiter is a half a billion miles from us and I truly doubt we as a people will visit it anytime soon. What if our collective consciousness has us believing something that is unreal. 

I know what you’re thinking, “Juan’s losing it.” Hopefully I’m not. The Vedic scriptures talk about delivering us from the unreal to the real. Is this this the unreal? If Jupiter were to suddenly disappear, I’m sure we wouldn’t feel it’s loss and after a while, Jupiter would be a memory. What do you think? They say the radiation alone would kill us should we venture there. There I go again saying, they say… This too will pass

6 thoughts on “I Like Jupiter…

  1. I don’t know much about Jupiter except that the big red “eye” is supposed to be a perennial hurricane. I’m not one to covet venturing to another planet…although Mars I think, would be fascinating…especially those “faces” they keep finding. LOL

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  2. Hmmmm I LOVE space exploration, as long as someone else does it instead of me. 😁 I do believe we would miss Jupiter very much if it disappeared, I read somewhere that any major change in the solar system could affect us on Earth greatly. I think that Jupiter is the “bouncer” or bodyguard of the solar system, if I remember correctly. Meaning most asteroids hit Jupiter instead of us… I think so.
    Also, I watched a program the other day and they said that if the moon disappeared we would get extreme tsunamis all over Earth… brrrr. 😨 Space is scary and fascinating at the same time…

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