Saturday Morning Chick-fil-A…

About 1500 posts ago I told you that I would never eat at a Chick-fil-A and here I am munching on a breakfast biscuit meal. The staff is so very nice and yet kind of creepy. Maybe I’m not used to be treated by fast food personnel with respect. Everyone is so helpful and nice, I asked for some ketchup and the young blonde blue eyed man nearly jumped out of his socks getting me a couple of packets. Wow! They must go thru a vigorous training to communicate with their customers rather than just grunting and pointing.

Yes, I did say creepy because everyone of the staff looks as if they just came from one of those film clips of those German youth movement camps of the 30’s. As I sat here I thought to myself, “How can they be so happy and chipper?” I just don’t know, maybe it’s the piped in music that lulls them into a tranquil state of being? 

I wish I could say you can get a Chick-fil-A meal on a Sunday but that won’t happen. The founder of the chain was a Bible believing man and thus believed in the sabbath and thus all his stores are closed on Sunday. A while back, I was in Jackson-Hartfield Airport in Atlanta and the Chick-fil-A outlet was shut down while all the other fast food places were doing land over business. This too will pass

6 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Chick-fil-A…

      • I guess. So many times, I have been with somebody who asks where a McDonalds or Chick-a-fil is and I tell them that I have no idea. They look at me like I have pickles growing out of my head or something….but I don’t eat fast food and have no idea where the places are. LOL

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      • Oh…if they had fast food places that served homemade vegetables…I’d be in hog heaven! (And I’m not talking about the canned green beans and corn they serve at various places.)
        I might break down and make some of my famous macaroni and cheese for Thanksgiving. I have spent the last many, many of them by myself and that might be a treat…but UGH. That means I’d actually have to go to the store….so on second thought…nah. LOL

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