Welcome To The New GOP…

I find it interesting Donald Trump’s son tweeted out that there had been an assassination on his father’s life the other night. What’s next, a 2016 version of The Night of Long Knives and then with his father’s rally attendees screaming out “Jail Her, Jail Her!” If you close your eyes, you can almost hear the crowd screaming out “Sieg Heil! Sieg Heil!” I find it beyond belief that it never was brought up that he kept a book of an infamous man’s book of speeches by his bedside; the same guy who wrote My Struggle-Mien Kampt. Ivana Trump must have been paid quite well for her silence yet in a 1989Vanity Fair article she indeed said it was his nightly read.

If he did have that book and it’s prequel, he must have memorized well. I did read Mien Kampt many years ago and it looks like Mr. Trump must have made it his playbook. “Keep telling them the big lie and keep telling them over and over what you want them to believe.” Notice how he constantly told his sheeple, “Crooked Hillary. She’s a Crook, believe me folks.” Ah, he’s the last man I would believe. Herr Trump speaks about Hillary lying but he too lies like a rug on the floor but who will be Reich Minister of Propaganda should Herr Trump be elected, Guilliani? Will Chris Christie be in charge of racial cleansing, I mean deportation of all illegal aliens. What do you want to bet, those blonde and blue eyed aliens who have long overstayed their visas aren’t rounded up…

Maybe I’m taking this a little over the top but after this nightmare of an election, would you blame me? I know the exact moment I became real afraid that things would go bad fast. It was the night of the Republican Convention when I heard Rudy Guilliani screaming out his support for Herr Trump. That single moment reminded me of Joseph Goebbels yelling out to his audience to support his beloved leader. “Make Germany Strong Again” was the cry of that time but no one thought it would have come to such a tragic end. Fifty million people had died because a few men had tapped into the people’s discontent. Hillary may not be perfect but Mister Trump is beyond scary. Should he be elected, God have mercy on us and this world we live in. This too will pass.

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