Tell Me You Aren’t Voting For Him…

I called my son’s mother to discuss the upcoming trip back to see Chris and Company. I asked her, “Tell me you aren’t voting for The Orange One!” She said she would being that she’s always voted Republican. I said to her, “Come on now. Why would you vote for a guy who says he just grabs women by the….” If anyone wouldn’t like that, that would be you! She went on about the affordable health act and other things was driving her vote. 

On Proposition 62, I’m voting yes. That’s the Proposition to stop executions in California. I’m voting no on 66 which speeds up the process of executions. On 60, I’m voting yes. That’s the law to require porn actors to use condoms, not that I watch that lousy stuff and on 64, the legalizing of recreational marijuana, I’m voting no because of what it did to Matt. The Proposition to limit guns is getting  my yes vote because quite frankly, there are too many guns around, though poor Ed feels otherwise.

Will there be voter fraud as The Orange One claims, I doubt it. If he happens to win will he claim voter fraud, that I truly doubt. Should he win let me say this; if you haven’t applied for a passport, this might be the time to do so. How long before the knock on the doors will start?  We’ll see you at the polling place. This too will pass

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