Dead at 78…

Once again my phone binged in the early hours this morning, it was CNN telling that former Attorney General Janet Reno had just died. Why they couldn’t wait to tell me that news at a reasonable hour I truly don’t know. The single bing startled Toonce from his sleep. He meowed, “I was just about to get the purple mouse. It doesn’t matter, it was all a dream. Go back to sleep.” 

I didn’t heed his wishes and scrolled down the headlines from the different news outlets. All had the standard impromptu obituary except for Fox which had to emphasize she was caught up in controversy. I guess Fox can’t give anyone they don’t side with a moment of peace even at their final moment of life.

Evidentially Ms. Reno lived in Florida and her passing had happened in the early morning hours. Other than being the first female Attorney General, I really don’t remember that she did. I’m sure she did some memorable and important things while in office but that time in my life is a blur. If there is a here after, I hope she finds some peace. I suppose when it’s all is said and done, in some federal office building hall her picture will hang next to all those who came before her and after her… This too will pass

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