I’m Voting For Megyn Kelly…

I try never to turn on Fox News because it’s always full of the usual stuff, Obama’s too much of this and not enough of that. The one bright point of light in that sea of hate and conspiracy is Megyn Kelly.  She actually had the guts to stand up to that human piece of waste Roger Alais and fight for what was right. She stood up to Newt Gingrich in that now famous interview and she wouldn’t back down even when he accused her of being preoccupied with sex.

In that moment she became a real journalist in my eyes. I find it interesting how Newt Gingrich was so worried about her preoccupation with sex knowing his sick track record. I must say, I’ve never heard more than a few minutes of Fox News because quite frankly, that fair and balanced faux news outlet is for the simple minded moron who believes everything they hear.

I truly hope Ms. Kelly runs the moment her contract with Fox is over. I could see her as a real investigative reporter not a Right Wing Tool. Of the filth and scum that has surfaced in this election, she is a bright spot in a otherwise miserable point in America’s history… Here’s to you Megyn for taking a stand and doing the right thing! This too will pass

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