Yes on 62 and No on 66…

The men in the big yellow complex in the distance will be watching tonight’s election results with extreme interest. I voted yes on 62 and no on 66, I’m an opponent to the death penalty. I feel sorry those who have lost loved ones to the men behind those walls but an eye for an eye mentality only makes everyone blind… 

A yes vote for 62 would stop the death penalty and re-sentence  those to those on death row to life without parole. Proposition 66 would speed up the appeals process and shorten the whole miserable business. Polly Klass’s father, Mark Klass the leading proponent of Yes on 66, would love nothing more than to pull the lever on Richard Allen Davis or at least be there to watch him die in pain. I feel sorry for Mr. Klass for you can tell he hasn’t been able to move on and he so desperately wants closure of his loss. This too will pass

4 thoughts on “Yes on 62 and No on 66…

  1. I think the death penalty is definitely appropriate in some cases. I think the people who were harmed by the person should have a say in it. If their loved one can no longer breath I don’t see why the person who took their breath away should be breathing either. If we had a death penalty for rapists maybe women and children would be safe for the first time in their lives. They’ed need to have a rush order on new priests, that’s for sure.

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      • I don’t believe that eye for an eye thing because if your kid is dead, his eyes are gone. That just lets bad people get away with murder. If a bad person lives in a cell for forty years, we have to pay to keep him alive. It’s a waste, since the person he hurt, or killed, and those around that person are all tortured and broken by what happened. The punishment should fit the crime. A breath for a breath should be more like it.

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