Ahhh Let The Riots Begin…

As I headed back to the garage this evening, up ahead the helicopters were circling the downtown area and hundreds of red lights were flashing. I knew exactly what that meant, Trump protesters were heading to Oakland City Center. Last night rioters broke hundreds of windows and burned garbage cans. I’m against violence and it won’t change things. A text page went out to return to the garage and go home before our trucks become targets. This too will pass

12 thoughts on “Ahhh Let The Riots Begin…

  1. We all need to read the works of Ghandi and Martin Luther King. We can fight better with intelligence and not paying attention to violence on the other side as much as possible. I was a part of protests during the Bush years. Protesting accomplished nothing.

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  2. I got stuck last night on 580 @ 24. What a joke. At first I thought it was an accident but of course I was listening to the news and found out it was a group of protestors. Did they not know that more than 60% of California voted for Hillary? And probably upward of 80% in Oakland voted for her. So why stop the people in their own city? I’m so tired of all this disruption.

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