It’s 2:45pm and It Feels Like The End of Times…

My first job in Berkeley was interesting to say the least. I was about to boom up when I hear a man’s voice say, “Aren’t you CIA guys working around here a lot?” I looked down and there he was, a smiling gray haired man wearing Mr. Greenjeans overalls. I turned off the lift engine and to my surprise he turned out to be not a left wing loon but something worse…

Of course he had to tell me everything that was wrong with Berkeley and how he hated Berkeley’s liberal bias in city government and policies. That I could stand and I smiled as he went on with his rant but when he started to tell me how we needed to make America Great Again, I reached into my pocket and found this picture“How do you want to make it great again? Like that?” I said. He took a glance and said, “Oh my eyesight is going, I can’t see it.” I turned on the lift engine and said, “You should be okay. You have blue eyes yet you have a hippyish look to you which might be a problem.”

The World’s Largest Telecommunications Company doesn’t want us to discuss politics and I don’t. My customer came out and said, “I’m sorry you had to talk to my neighbor. He at first seems ok, I turned him down and he has hated me since.” This too will pass

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