WWJD 2016…

I’ll admit it, I’ve never read The Bible from cover to cover but in The New Testament it must say, “My Father says it is perfectly acceptable to sexually assault women and then deny it when questioned.” Evangelical Christian voters flocked to Donald Trump’s side because he must have proved to them he held Jesus’s values and teachings sacred. Preachers throughout the land told their parishioners to vote for Trump because a vote for Hillary was tantamount to voting for the devil.

I’ve come to the conclusion evangelicals are quite simple minded, to think Donald Trump followed Jesus’s ways and teachings, please… I’m going to ask it again; where in The Bible does it say sexually assaulting women is acceptable? Please spare telling me how God picks people to do his work unknowingly. The San Diego Catholic Church passed out a Sunday flyer telling their parishioners to vote for Trump, I guess sexually assaulting innocent people is perfectly acceptable, wait it’s the Catholic Church never mind… 

Am I upset about this loss?  You damn right I am. I’m upset because our so called standard bearers of morality sided with a man who in his own words had his way with women and joked about it. Hey I found it. “Jesus said, If thou wants a woman, just grab her by the pussy.” This too will pass

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