Leonard Cohen’s Light…

Canadian Singer-Songwriter Leonard Cohen passed away today and I must say that only recently I had ever even heard of him. I knew of his two most famous songs, Hallelujah and Suzanne but I didn’t know he had written the lyrics for them. At first, I was turned off by his gravelly voice and he seemed to always mumble his songs but after hearing more of his work, I actually like him. Now he was no Burt Bacharach by any stretch of the imagination yet he’s pretty good.

 Mr. Cohen came to this plane of existence and left some deep songs as his points of light. I never really liked his song Hallelujah and it took me hearing it repeatedly before I got the musical nuances and now I appreciate it much more… His memorial services will take place in Los Angeles in the next few day, I know one person who would be there to pay respects to him if she could, me probably not. Now if Burt Bacharach was to pass, I’d fly down to L.A to attend his services. 

Thanks Mr. Cohen for leaving your songs with us. You put smiles on many people’s faces and you won’t be forgotten. Some of the best people come from Canada eh… This too will pass

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