Rats of 1933. Brown Rats of 2016…

The American voter has spoken and now President Donald Trump will Make America Great Again. We all know, a simple slogan for simple people always works so well; “Bread and Work!” “We Need Living Space!” Both those two slogans sounded harmless in the early 1930’s but by the time 1945 rolled around, no one was proclaiming it in fact they were running from those words. What was the statement the people would say at the end of World War II? “I didn’t vote for him” and “I was just following orders.”

This time there won’t be movie reels of rats scurrying about with a professor’s voice telling the audience that Mexicans are dirty and spread disease. Though I think I’m going to change my name to Johnny War (Guerra) and I believe I can pass for Japanese; we don’t hate the Japanese people anymore do we? I bet you dollars to donuts, barrio stores will be vandalized over the coming days and our new leader will give the vandals the old wink and nod of approval… If some poor migrant worker is injured or killed in the process, it’s ok because we don’t bleed blood, oh maybe that’s going too far…

Those with their new found power will find it much harder to isolate us filthy brown ones because we have managed to infiltrate into a non-brown society which the Jews of the 1930’s didn’t do, thus they were easily picked out. We’ll be much harder to root out of our rat holes, you know we live in sewers and holes don’t you and we bring drugs across the border. I wonder if there will be toll free numbers set up the inform the authorities of possible Brown Mexican rats being sighted, kind of like vector control? The problem with us is we invade everything and ruin things for everyone or so they say… This too will pass


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