Talk about irony, Melania Trump has told us she will make stopping cyber bullying a cause when she becomes First Lady. Does that mean she will take away her husband’s Twitter account? Since the election, I’ve decided to cease reading the blogs of people who don’t share my views and in doing so, I haven’t made any other comment than saying goodbye. Only one nice blogger replied, “Sorry if my post offended you, I hope you come back!” In five other cases, true vitriol has been sent back not just by the blog owners but by their loyal followers…

I wonder if Melania would define this as cyber bullying? My goodness, I guess it’s come to this, we are indeed a divided nation and it won’t get better anytime soon. Here’s my rational about why I defollowed these blogs, first of all; call it ego but I do notice who checks out my blog. If you don’t look at it often, I totally understand. For those lucky bloggers with thousands of followers, doing the math tells me why and I again understand but if I constantly visit your site and you can’t once look at mine then truly there is no dialogue. 

Here is what’s scary, no more than three days after the election it’s started, Swastikas and White Power graffiti has suddenly popped up throughout the country, Muslims being attacked and windows broken. You may not want to believe me but it has been spurred on by the #incharge. I wonder if he’ll condemn it in a 147 character tweet or stay silent? It looks as if Melenia won’t have far to go to stop cyber bullying… this too will pass

8 thoughts on “ Bullying…

  1. I only ever followed blogs with people whose blogs strike a chord with me. And to be honest, I have a hard time keeping up with them all. What I can’t abide is posting a blog about the way I feel about an issue, I.e. this election, and having a commenter try to turn it into a political argument or a place to espouse his own beliefs, especially when my posts are simply about my own feelings and reactions. I lost a follower because I refused to allow his comments about Hillary, and why he voted for Trump. But sorry, if someone can’t support me on my blog then they should remain silent, which is what I do. Not try to indoctrinate me. I’m the sane in FB. If I can’t support someone, I just don’t say anything.


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