None of this political stuff matters when compared to me seeing my wonderful little Hunter. He’s now a big boy playing with Mega Blocks and I say playing if playing means ripped apart the blocks dad put together. I can’t wait to see his little face! The 21st won’t come soon enough if you ask me…

Finally my little Delta app says, “Nine days until check in.” Yesterday I told my supervisor of my upcoming travel plans. He didn’t care because he too would be taking off that week. I’m going to give Hunter such a hug and the play blocks with him till he gets tired. 

Joshua, my youngest son, will fly in on the 23rd and I’ll go and pick him up from JFK. I don’t care if JFK is farther away, it’s JFK. The one time I flew into Newark Liberty, it felt as if I had landed in Calcutta back in the 70’s, broken down escalators and walkways… A man offered me a taxi ride to the car rental lot which was obviously a scam. No, I can’t wait for this week to pass but it will as does everything…

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