My Junk Inbox…

Steven Feces just wrote me telling me Amber just saw my profile and she wants me. I guess she was too shy to contact me directly and it also appears Amber didn’t trust Mr. Feces to get the message to me so she also told Mr. Drumm Stix to do the same. It seems both messengers need my credit card to make this hook up happen. 

Mr. Martin Mungawa, a bank manager at The First Bank of Lagos Nigeria has found out that my long lost relative deposited hundreds of thousands of dollars at his bank but was killed in a traffic accident the very next day. If I send him dollars 3000, he can change the signature card to read Omtatjuan3. He asks that I keep this on the down low because he would get in a lot of trouble for doing it. I better go and get a wire transfer started.

Finally, Doctor (get this) Band Ages says he has received information from my physician in a conference call that I may need help in the virility department. For a wire transfer of dollars 100, I can regain my strength in that department. Why didn’t my doctor tell me he was going to be on an hour long conference call about my condition. I’m heading to the bank. This too will pass

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