The Eleventh Hour of The Eleventh Day, 1918… 

The guns went silent in Northern France on this day 102 years ago. Millions of young men suffered and died over what? A few hundred yards of soil. Recently, I saw a YouTube video where a team of archeologists were unearthing a battlefield trench site, I believe it was Ypres in Belgium. On that site alone, hundreds of thousands of men died over just a few months. Now it looks peaceful, the cows go about their lives in peace. In 1917, it was anything but calm, bodies littered that same land in all states of decomposition.

A few years earlier, the Battle of Verdun captured the news cycle. 750,000 German and French Soldiers died in Verdun and then months later even more men lost their lives on The Somme. Not one of those men are here to tell their stories and their warnings. I believe the last veteran of The War to End All Wars died earlier this year… 

I could have put a disgusting photo up of a skeleton in uniform laying on the field but I’ll spare you. That man laying there was someone’s son or someone’s lover. So in the coming months when the war drums begin to sound and they will, remember The Great War really solved nothing, in fact it only caused another war 20 years later when 50 million souls perished violently. This too will pass

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