You Were There and You Were There…

I awoke startled and yelled out, “It was only a dream. Maybe I better put my chock block under my back truck tire every time!” Toonce meowed, “Wake up. I’m hungry.” I lay there for a few minutes and thought how the accident could have been prevented. If it had been an actual accident, the coroner would have been on scene and this blog would have gone dark…

I was in my bucket, in the air being assisted by two guys on the ground. We were chatting and joking when the truck engine turned on. I looked down and called out, “Why did you turn the truck on?” There was no answer from below. The truck began to roll. The truck gained momentum till it crashed into a school and came to a stop in a empty kindergarten classroom. 

By an Act of The Cosmic Consciousness, I had missed power wires, pedestrians and children. I pulled myself out of the wreakage and went to look for my helpers. They both ran up to me and in unison said, “John’s going to suspend all of us for a month. We shouldn’t have left you on your own and you didn’t put a chock block behind your tire.” All I could say was, “We’re in so much trouble and that hard to operate back up safety brake wasn’t engaged either.” It was just then I felt Toonce’s claw dig into my flesh. I thanked him for waking me up from my nightmare. This too will pass

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