I’m Not A Sore Loser!

This last week has been hard for me to say the least. The morons of this country thought a loud mouth reality show host would be what this country needed to govern us. If Ted Cruz had won, I wouldn’t have been as hurt. Mr. Cruz may not share any of my views but at least he’s real and is self governed by a higher power. Joshua called me this afternoon to gloat about Trump winning. He then called me a sore loser. He and his mother are Right-Wing zealots and I expected no less. 

    I’ve been trying to self diagnose why this election bothered me so much. I finally came up with it, Trump is that loud mouth high school bully of my teenage days and he won. Today, thousands of peaceful protesters gathered around Lake Merritt and formed a human chain. Rob and I had a job across from the lake. I was the flagger while he was in the manhole. 

    As people walked by I showed them my support. I would call out, “Dump Trump!” Thousands of people passed by with and without signs. I liked one sign in particular. It read, “Trump Is A Bully! No One Likes A Bully!” At least I’m not the only one feeling hurt but the Orange Stalin being elected… this too will pass

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