Note To Self…

Knowing that I needed to do laundry in the morning, I got up before the crack of dawn. Toonce meowed out, “Why are you up?” I replied, “Go back to sleep.” I threw the two baskets of dirty laundry into the car and headed down the hill. The little families of migrant workers hadn’t showed up yet so I got a big load machine. After depositing a life savings of quarters in, I pressed the start button and ran to the Black Bear Diner down the road for a quick breakfast.

I came back to find my clothes stopped and I thought to myself, “Wow! That was fast!” A man walked up to me and humbly said in broken English, “You left a wrench in a pocket. I had to press the emergency off button or the machina would have exploded.” I opened the door and found indeed I had done just that and the tool was lodged between the door and drum.

I piled my sopping wet pile into five different dryers and started to  drop quarters into slots like I was playing in Las Vegas. At the rate thing are drying they might be done by Thursday. Now I need to ask John for a 567b wrench. It only fits one sort of five sided bolt on a certain kind of rare splice case made in a Uruguay or Paraguay in the 1950’s. I guess I can finish my career without one… this too will pass

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