Meeses to Pieces…

I forget which 1960’s cartoon character hated mice. You might remember him, he was a lion and his schtick was he would say, “I hate meeses to pieces!” I believe he had a goatee and a lisp. Help me out here…

The other day I was working in a dimly lite garage and a frightened rat bounded out of his home and scurried off. I softly said, “You scared me man but I guess I scared you too.”  I quickly finished my work and left him to his dark surroundings. The only time I really freaked out was when I was in a manhole and I shined my flashlight down a six inch conduit and two big eyes reflected back at me. “I’m out of here!” I told my work partner. He replied, “Juan. Take it easy. He is more afraid of you.” Meeses are still unsettling creatures… this too will pass

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