It’s taking all my self control not to change my flight reservation and head out tonight. I won’t do it but I so much want to see Hunter and Company. This will be the first Thanksgiving I’ve spent with my sons and grandson. I wish Matt could be there but I doubt he even knows it’s Thanksgiving and if he does I hope he gets some sort of dinner at the homeless shelter in that cesspool of Downtown San Diego. 

I don’t know what more to do for Matt. Remember back in February I went there to help him, all that was for not. He managed to lose all the things I got him. He didn’t like the thrift store clothes I bought him and convienently lost them. He lost his ID, debit card and transit card. Lately he calls me to check in but more importantly ask for cash. I wish I didn’t say this but, I’m tired of helping him. It’s always a story and quite frankly I’m tired of them…

On March 7th I turn 60 and as I inch that much closer to retirement, I’m realizing those people I helped for so long aren’t going to be there for me. I know this sounds terrible but I’ve had it with the whole bunch of them. I find it quite amusing that everyone knows what day I get paid and the funny thing is, if I stopped helping them they would say, “What have you done for us lately?” Sometimes I say to myself, “Run Fast! Run Hard!” This too will pass

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