36 Degrees This Morning…

Toonce wanted out at his usual 2:20am time. I told him, “Get back in here as soon as you can! I don’t want a popcicle for a cat!” He actually listened to my words and just as I had put all the blankets around me, he started scratching to get in. I called out, “Why Toonce? Why!” It’s so cold this morning and frosty, as I’ve said before, I’m an avowed weather wimp. 

The flock of turkeys outside are doing their rounds this morning. They are calling out to each other and Toonce went out again to see what all the commotion is all about. I suppose they don’t mind the cold. Now Toonce is once again scratching to get in. Please hold on… Just what I didn’t want, a frozen cat. 

I need to go tomorrow and get some cold weather clothes for this trip. I have no long sleeve shirts and I better pull my ski parka out. This too will pass

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