A Peet’s Evening…

Without fail, I am suffering from this seasonal time change depression. Whether they like it or not, I spend the last hour of my shift at a Peet’s or Starbucks. This Peet’s is at the corner of Telegraph and Dwight, the heart of Hippy Mecca.  There are a few of them still lying and walking around but for the most part they have been replaced with homeless millennials and their scruffy dogs…

 I love Berkeley and it’s liberal thinking and freedom of speech culture, a land where even homeless have rights. I find it funny that the Republican Party tried to staff an office in this city and it folded. I think maybe 100 people voted for The Donald but no one would ever admit to it. 

Remember a few hundred posts ago, I said fascism would come to this country and it would be a cross wrapped in the flag? Here we are and who doesn’t think Steve Bannon should be expelled from Trump’s inner circle? Shhh, Brannon’s White Supremacist talk might give their real intentions away but back to Berkeley… 

As I said, only in Berkeley do the homeless have rights. The homeless guys and gals with their mangy dogs constantly have their hands out. I don’t carry any cash and I tell them I can’t even help my son who is one the streets. They don’t care about my problems, no they grunt as they light up another doobie… this too will pass   

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