Do I Stay or Do I Go?

Without a often promised non-management golden parachute in sight, I might be hanging around at The World’s Largest Telecommunications Company for a little while longer. Yesterday they put out the sign up sheet for a newly formed fiber crew of installing technicians. My seniority of 36 years will get me on the crew and it’s like running wire like the olden days.

I’ve come to the realization that copper wire will soon be a thing of the past, much faster than I ever thought it would happen. I need to either adapt to new technologies or I’ll find myself in the La Brea tar pits of life. As I have said before, when I started, it would take 25 pairs of wire to make a business phone work. Now a fiber strand the size of a hair is capable of having 24 telephone numbers running on it and much more.

The World’s Largest Telecommunications Company wants to have two million homes and apartment buildings fibered by 2019 in California and the rush is on. I might as well get in on the action. There won’t be any overtime on this project but I’ll be able to work overtime on the copper side at the end of the day. I’m okay with that and the best part is, we’ll be a crew of guys working together rather than being lone wolves as we are mostly now. This too will pass

3 thoughts on “Do I Stay or Do I Go?

  1. Go for it, flying wire man! The twists and turns of life these days are popping up all over. Fast seems to be the norm rather than mindfulness.


  2. Absolutely, the new crew is the way to go. I completely understand that a golden parachute would be tempting…but if it’s offered I’d lean towards going the maximum distance and gaining the maximum benefits in retirement. Congrats on the new role! It will be a good change of pace, but you might end up missing the lone wolf days 🙂


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