Black Water Dumping…

I know, what a thing to write about. Wait, hold on it gets better. I expected to help Rob in the final push to finish his septic field this morning but when he showed up he said, “You better dump your tank and get propane because this might be the last time you get out until Spring.”  I knew what he said was the truth so I detached are the hoses and cords and began the process to move the behemoth. 

I told Toonce, “I’ll be back as soon as possible.” He didn’t seem concerned yet he meowed, “Drive safe.” With Rob directing me I made a 180 degree turn around and headed up to the Santa Rosa Campground which has a dump station. No camp host was there yet I put the 10 fee in the slot. Quickly I emptied the tank without incident and then found where to get my propane internal tank refilled. 

Not having had breakfast, I made my way to Willie Bird’s Turkey Restaurant. The place was once in it’s hay day shiny and new, now it’s tired and old and the Formica tables show its age. The hot turkey sandwich is quite tasty. As soon as I wolf it down, I’ll head to a RV wash and give the rig a once over… Two days till I head back to see my little boy! This too will pass

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