Delta Flight 2242…

I decided not to work Monday, I wouldn’t be worth much anyways. I can only think of playing Mega Blocks with Hunter and doing grandpa things with him and his father. Josh will arrive on Wednesday morning and I’ll drive to JFK to pick him up. I hope it’s not too cold or snowy there because the family wants to see the Macy’s Thankgiving Day Parade. I’ve watch bits and pieces of that parade for 50 some years now and it would be fun to see Snoopy up close… 

Eleina says Hunter loves to laugh and I want to see him laugh hysterically as she says he does lately. Everyone has set the rules and I intend to follow them: 1. No talking about Trump or politics. Unfortunately, they are Right Wing Tools. 2. No talking about my San Francisco 49ers dismal 1 and 8 record and no talking about the Dallas Cowboys and Oakland Raiders successes. 

Josh is staying with me at The Hampton Inn and Roberta will be sleeping on their couch. The last time I was back there it was oppressively hot and humid. Hopefully it won’t be bone chilling cold this time. I’m a Northern California boy and Josh is a So-Cal Newport Beach guy. On his days off he wears nothing but shorts, sandals and Tommy Bahama shirts… 

A few months ago I bought a pair of insulated boots with tread on them. The last winter I was there, it snowed so hard, I thought cats and dogs were living in unholy matrimony. California is so different than The East Coast. I don’t know how people there deal with the frigid cold and snow and then the sweltering heat and humidity… this too will pass

2 thoughts on “Delta Flight 2242…

  1. Grandpa with his treaded boots, bear skin coat (don’t all Northern Californians wear Bear Skin coats?). Quick, grow a Grizzly Adams beard. Oh, great White Hunter romping with his little grandson, Hunter. Are the New Jerseyans and New Yorkers ready for you?

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