It Was Indeed Rigged…

Now that the dust has settled, let’s look at what was said during the campaign. The Orange Stalin kept telling us, “Folks it’s rigged!” Maybe he wasn’t lying about that! I wonder if he knew who did the hacking of the Democratic Party’s e-mails? The minister of propaganda, Kellyanne Conway, then came out and said, “We don’t know who did this?” Notice they never once said, “We need to find out who did this!” 

A few days after the election, the Russian Government did admit they had been in contact with the Trump people. Doesn’t that ring a warning bell and when would that be acceptable? Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were electrocuted for passing state secrets to the Russians but that was the 1950’s; what do you think the penalty should be now?

Why did Valdamir Putin, a former head of the  KGB, want Trump in The White House? Dark times are ahead for this country. Maybe Herr Trump did read Adolf Hitler’s book of speeches before he went to sleep in the 80’s. I wonder if he also looked up to Joseph Stalin. You know both aforementioned men were really good at mass deportations, just ask the Tartars of Central Russia if you can find any of them living. 

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