The Rain in Sonoma Falls Mainly on….

It just falls steadily with no end in sight. Toonce and I are starting to get camper fever as opposed to cabin fever. There is nothing we can do but look out the window and wonder how those poor deer are doing, they don’t seem to mind. I bet it feels good to be free of the daily dust. 

Toonce meows for the door but takes one look and he quickly stops his meowing and jumps back up onto the bed. The trees are enjoying this downpour and they need it so desperately. On the news yesterday they rattled off some statistic of how many trees were dead in the Sierras due to lack of water. No climate change here huh…

I’m taking my feline roommate to his all paid resort and spa tomorrow morning (the vets), and then I heading to the airport. I’m going to try and head back to the East Coast on an earlier flight, otherwise I’m going to be spending quite sometime in the Delta Sky Lounge.  When I return, hopefully the rain will have stopped and the mud will have hardened up a little. This too will pass

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