Who Saying Nothing Happens At The Firewood Temple?

Toonce and I were taking a nice Saturday afternoon nap when suddenly I heard a man’s voice say, “Put it here.” “No that won’t work.” For a moment I thought we were under attack, I grabbed my phone to call 911. Ever so gingerly I opened the back window shades to find an AT&T van stuck in the mud. The prem tech had taken a left turn at Cucamonga or was it Albuquerque. I put on my boots and rain gear. I smiled as I said, “It looks like you’re going no where soon.” 

The man in the neon green jacket said, “I remember you! I changed your tire down at the bottom of the hill a few months ago!” “That’s right!” I replied. He went on to say how his tow truck was worthless when it came to getting the company truck out of the mud. I knew it but I told the worried technician that if I could get ahold of Rob, he would pull him out with the backhoe. I began to lay down the black tarp so Rob wouldn’t muddy and then I dragged up the chains to do the job.

Rob showed up twenty minutes later and slowly but carefully pulled the stick truck out of the quagmire. Talk about six degrees of separation, the tech remembered me from my days in San Francisco. He remembered I was an union steward. Once he was back on hard ground he hugged both of us and took a picture of us by the backhoe and wished us well. That was exciting all the while Toonce watched from the warmth of the RV. This too will pass

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