This, You Want No Picture Of…

I woke up and said to myself, “Enjoy your time. The moment as  all that matters.” Toonce had no idea today was the first day of his staycation. He meowed, “I’m hungry and then let me out.” I followed his wishes but I told him not to go far. He listen to my request. After putting on my mud boots, I took my two bags up the hill to the car, he had no idea what was happening until I reached for the cardboard cat carrier. 

He knew something was up when I cut a three by three inch window on the end. I said to him, “Okay. The resort awaits you my friend.” He meowed his worries and unhappiness. After closing him in, he immediately popped his head out and began to meow wildly. Carefully I placed him on the passenger seat and we began the 30 minute meow-fest to the resort. I swear he hit some notes I’ve never heard him make. 

At one point he squeezed out of the little window and jumped up onto my lap. Everything was going well until he let out more than just loud meows… Need I say more. Thankfully my thick coat took the brunt of it and here I sit at this Starbucks while I wait for clothes to wash and dry… 

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