Just a few minutes ago, I did a trial run to see which BART train would get me to SFO. Oh I didn’t plan on doing it, it just happened. After dropping Toonce off at his hotel and washing my clothes that my scared passenger had soiled out of fright, I headed to my work garage to park my car; long term parking is a billion dollars a day. Oh it’s only 36 a day but that’s a bit too much.

The garage was empty and I quickly grabbed my bags and walked to the 19th Street BART station. I found a 10 dollar ticket in my wallet, good for one way, and inserted it in the ticket taker. The escalator whisked me to the train platform. The automated man’s voice said, “San Francisco-San Francisco Airport in 12 minutes.” I reached for my phone and at that exact second realized I had left it on the passenger seat charging.

I knew I needed my leash for the next ten days, I made my way up the escalator to the BART station agent who said, “If you can get back here in 24 minutes, you can get the next one to SFO.” As quickly as possible I walked the five blocks to the garage and then back. Here I am on the train just before the rush hour crowds hit… Yes, I’m getting to the airport a little early but it’s the holiday week and you know… This too will pass

PS… Somehow the photo of me in Laguna Beach got in and I can’t delete it…

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