Up and Away…

The BART ride was uneventful, the train was full of passengers with their luggage. You could tell they were preparing themselves mentally for the long lines both at the check-in counter and in the dreaded TSA area. Then the rush to the sky train was on. It was if the gates had opened at the Kentucky Derby track.  I too joined the rush until one of my bags got hung up at the narrow escalator. 

Once I settled that problem, I made my way to the sky cap outside thus bypassing the line of people waiting at check in. Within 2 minutes I was passing thru the TSA pre-check line. So from leaving the BART train to walking thru the Delta Sky Lounge doors, it took all of 6 minutes. Here I wait till boarding at 8:40. 

Once again, if I had been living in the moment and not worried about what could happen, I wouldn’t be sitting for two and a half hours. Oh I don’t mind, I enjoy watching the planes land and take off. This too will pass


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