I’m Proud To Be A Liberal…

Being called a liberal might someday get you arrested or at least detained by authorities. That’s how it started 80 years ago, the word ‘freethinker’ alone might have gotten you locked up with other bad men like priests, poets or protesters. The drum beat has already started in this country of theirs and now saying someone is liberal has people equating you with being a bleeding heart or being too politically correct.

The other day, I read an article where those who voted for their new president said they were tired of our country being so politically correct. I guess they wanted a leader who would take them back to how it used to be. You know how it used to be, when they could call a spade a spade and spics spics. The good old days, when they could beat the crap out of someone just because they dressed differently.

I told Josh, now that his buddy is in The White House, he can just do whatever you want to women. I guess his leader would back him up should he just want to grab one by the hoo haw. I guess those women who voted for The Orange One felt it was perfectly okay to be treated as such? Anyway, I’m an open minded liberal and if that’s wrong, we’ll lock me up. Wait, I like his policies and behavior, shhh I wouldn’t last a day in jail… this too will pass

One thought on “I’m Proud To Be A Liberal…

  1. The worst of the “isms” is rearing its ugly head again. McCarthyism, fascism, extreme narcissism, racism,etc. Trump has accessed the worst of the American people via fear, bigotry, and reminiscent of 1934 Germany and the spread of fascism in Italy and Russia. If the electoral college has an ounce of integrity, it will vote for Clinton and kick this very sick man out. Truly, his followers will not see any of the Orangutan’s promises fulfilled. The rich will get richer, the poor poorer, and the middle class dissolved. Is there hope? Always. We live in dire times.

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