The Passaic River…

You can tell little river was once teaming with barges and tug boats going up and down it, now it flows quietly and as of yet I haven’t seen a single boat plying its waters. The draw bridges all seem to be locked in the down position and I doubt they could raise them if they tried, they all appear to be rusted beyond belief. 

You can tell this area was once a vibrant manufacturing area, it sits quiet now. The graffitied hulks of buildings litter the landscape everywhere. I believe it was two trips ago that I saw a beer brewery starting to be demolished, they finally tore down the 10 story high concrete structure and it looks as if a couple of massive apartment buildings will take its place there.

As much as some people want to believe their new leader will bring back industry to this country, they’re fooling themselves. Josh is laying in the bed next to me and he actually is a believer in the promises of the Orange President. He actually believes these abandoned buildings will someday come to life and an old fashioned steam whistle will blow at lunch time. Lines of men wearing fedoras and bowlers will pass thru the metal turnstiles after punching out. It’s not going to happen… This too will pass

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