Mega Block Play…

After our Thanksgiving feast, I laid down on the rug and built structures out of Hunters blocks. He quickly would tear papa’s tower down piece by piece. I suppose he needs to learn to undo them before he can assemble them. Hunter did manage to put two together but tearing them apart seemed way more fun for him.

Chris and Eleina wanted to wear him out so he would sleep well. They let him run back and forth until he just couldn’t take another step. Next up was bath tubby time, which he enjoyed. He must have been worn out, the moment they put him in his crib, he fell into a deep sleep. I returned to the hotel where I took a shower and did the same. 

Babies are hard work and are meant for young people to have. Just playing with Hunter wore me out completely. Eleina and Chris are doing a great job raising my grandson. They are both loving parents and Hunter brought out the best in Chris. This too will pass 

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