Toonce Update!

I’m sure Toonce is being taken cared of the way only he deserves to be taken cared of. He’s a wonderful friend and everyone likes him at the resort. I got the call at 4pm from an unknown 707 number yesterday. “Mr. Guerra, I’m one of the vet techs and we’re calling to tell you that Toonce had an exam and he gained a pound since we last saw him. He appears to be well and we just love him here.” I replied, “He’s a hell of a good cat!”

I miss his fur, meows and his feline affection. I know of no other person or creature that would wait for me in the dark when he could be laying on a warm bed instead. The vet people moved him out of one of the boarding rooms when another cat began to meow frantically out of terror. It will be wonderful to see my buddy… this too will pass

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