A Bunch of Beer Drinking Canadian Fans…

The New York Jets must be playing The New England Patriots at the Meadowlands today. Three bus loads of French Canadians were boarding their buses and about to head to the stadium. I tried to ask them why they liked the Jets but few spoke any English. I guess you don’t need to speak English there. They did speak Beer though, each one of these fans were packing at least a six pack of Molsons, a Canadian beer. I don’t drink but it must be good because already you could tell they had a few in them already…

From what I surmised, they travel on the East Coast to see either The Patriots or Jets play and then they head back over the border to Montreal. I believe they are part of some sort of baseball team in Canada, I haven’t a clue. 

 A man made a comment in the hotel elevator about why were there so many Patriot fans in town. I piped up, “I’m a 49er Faithful Fan!” Everyone laughed, I then mentioned The Oakland Raiders and everyone cheered. A tear welled up in my eye, I can’t stand the Raiders with their Silver and Black attitude… this too will pass

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