Enough Morons…

It was early when I dropped Joshua off at JFK Terminal 4, we said our goodbyes and wished each other well. As I drove away I said to myself, “You have to do it! You need to go to Trump Tower and at least flip off the Orange One’s Tower!” I found myself on The 678 and then the 495 and finally at the Midtown Tunnel. 

I made a right onto 3rd Ave and was quickly pulled over by a New York City’s finest. Once he took a look at my California driver’s license and rental agreement, he said, “This isn’t California. There are no right turns on reds unless posted. I’m letting you off.” I thanked him and he said, “Where ya heading to?” I replied, “Trump Tower to flip off the building.” He smiled and said, “Yeah, you aren’t the only one but don’t do that. You look smart don’t be a moron.”

His use of my favorite word, moron, made me change course and with his words of advice, I aborted my mission and headed to the Holland Tunnel back to New Jersey. I figure Mr. Trump will sooner or later get his and me sticking my finger out of the car window would be totally an act of a moron. Trump and his Claretta Petacci (Google her) will either be a total success or hanging upside down in Trump Plaza… this too will pass

3 thoughts on “Enough Morons…

  1. I just read about his new tax cuts. Did anyone doubt that he would be the prime beneficiary? Why do blue collar workers fall for the Republican gambit? Rich people buy yachts, fly charters instead of commercial airlines and buy houses where no one lives. They do not create jobs. They do not start businesses. They spend money on things like stocks, land and art that they then hoard, hoping the economy tanks so they can make even more money. Ugh. Grinding my teeth. Again.

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