How Will I Be Remembered? 

Yesterday, actor Ron Glass passed away and with his passing, I believe now only two of television’s Barney Miller’s cast still are alive. A few days ago, Florence Henderson died and a few days before that someone else famous died. I happened to check out CNN’s In Remembrance photo journal of famous people who had passed away and quite frankly, I only knew of only half of them…

I asked myself, “How will you be remembered when it’s your time?” The truth is, it doesn’t matter because no matter what, after awhile everyone is forgotten. Millions of men died on the battlefields of World War One and I doubt seriously if anyone today could list off a loved one’s name. I know this sort of thinking sounds gloomy but it isn’t. 

The most important thing is to live in the moment. I know it sounds like a clique but live as if this was your last day. Today is what counts, not tomorrow or yesterday. Sometimes I think people are like television programs, some are loved and some, not so much. Few are remembered while others have long been forgotten. I used to watch Barney Miller religiously but  this morning it took a few brain cells to remember what day it was on… Go figure. this too will pass

2 thoughts on “How Will I Be Remembered? 

  1. That is what I have been thinking for a while now, one thing which always comes to my mind is that are we the video games of someone? And here we are thinking of building and achieving bigger things when no one will remember.


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