Arlington Diner…

Here I sit at the Arlington Diner in Bellevue New Jersey, it’s the closest thing I get to having a home cooked meal lately, I have little if any chance of having a meal made for me anytime soon unless Toonce learns to cook. I suppose this is some sort of karmic punishment for me not relishing what I had when I had it. 

The Arlington Diner is one of three places I frequent when I’m here in New Jersey. So you walk in and the host seats you along with a book thick plastic menu. You look around and most everyone is wearing a New York Jets or New York Giants parka. This place has been around since the early 40’s, the pattern in the countertop is rubbed off where everyone’s elbows contact the table surface. I can’t even imagine how many elbows it took to wear off the pattern in the Formica.

At the Arlington they serve everything, even Chinese food though I probably wouldn’t order it here or anywhere in New Jersey come to think of it; I ordered pork chops and apple sauce. A few minutes later there they were. The waitress with her Jersey accent said, “Wez ran out of green bean. Yous want some Brussel Sprouts?” I declined. They do make a great cherry pie and I could not resist. Okay off to take Chris to the PATH train at Penn Station… this too will pass………

PS… When I left the hotel it was sunny and pleasant, the sun is down and it’s beyond cold. I figured I wouldn’t need my coat, so me being a moron left it in the room… I don’t mind visiting but I don’t belong here. My joints hurt and it’s either oppressively hot or unbearably cold. 

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