Simpsons Marathon…

Last night when I turned off the lights, I had left the TV on while the Simpsons 600 episode marathon continued on. I had lost the clicker and I didn’t have the energy to rummage around for it but I really wish I had. All thru the night my dreams intermixed with episodes 165 thru 184. It was scary when Homer Simpson and I slipped off the dirt road at the Firewood Temple but don’t worry it all ended with a witty joke and a hilarious story conclusion. 

Ned Flanders then reminded Toonce that saying The Cosmic Consciousness is the work of the devil. His sons Rod and Todd backed him up on that and they also mentioned, “When you lie Baby Jesus cries.” My dreams then took me to Moe’s Bar. I saved Barney’s life when I rolled him on his side so he wouldn’t choke to death. You know alcoholism and addictions are incredibly funny. People do the funniest things when they can’t focus their eyes… Not!

I don’t advise you to let anything to enter into your dreams. After a night of sleeping with all the Simpson characters, I decided to take a break today and they’ll have to go on without me. Now there are only 400 episodes to go…  this too will pass

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