Montclair is Leonard Cohen Country…

While waiting for Chris to get off the bus, I stopped by a nearby Starbucks and waited for him in the warmth of the store. The store’s Muzak kept playing song after song of Leonard Cohen. I asked the barista about the fact that usually there is a wide range of songs played in other stores and he said, “People cried the day he died here. He was loved here.” 

I have no idea what tie he had to this town but I wasn’t about to upset the boat… I had really never knew Me. Cohen existed until a couple of years ago; she loved Leonard and would try to sing to his songs in a voice that sounded like a death rattle and a cat being strangled. I know I’ll never heard that voice again unless I mistreat Toonce severely. 

Leonard Cohen’s songs must had hit some note deep in one’s soul. I had heard his songs done by other performers but I never knew it was him who had composed them… okay enough about him. Montclair New Jersey is one of the most beautiful townships I’ve ever seen. Perfect for Hunter to grow up in… this too will pass

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