Delta Flight459

I’ll admit it, Newark’s Liberty International Airport is much closer than JFK. Next time I journey out here, I’ll most likely fly into Newark. I woke up at 3:30am this morning and quickly packed my bag (which means I just crammed all my stinky clothes in the bag) and headed east towards Jamaica Bay. Let’s see, I took Interstate 280 to the 95 to something in between and then the 495 and finally the 678, yeah I’m most certainly flying into Newark.

The National Car return area was quiet and they had their anti-social night shift guy on duty. He mumbled, “Wel…(I think it was welcome.)” He followed up his required welcome asking me if I had left anything in the car. The receipt followed and I was off to the sky train to Terminal 4.

 A few minutes later I was asking Ms. Nuwaki at check in if she could get me on an earlier flight… After what seemed like 20 minutes of typing her novel, she indeed got me on an 8:15 flight back home. I was pointed to the TSA Pre-Check line bypassing the guy with the goat wearing a gold chain and the woman who never heard of 9/11. She probably was unaware you can’t bring Anthony Perkins-Janet Lee stabbing scissors and foot long knitting needles in your carry on baggage. 

Here I sit in the Delta Sky Lounge where the peeled boiled eggs and whiskey is free. I know the booze is free because it’s 6:43am and the bar is two persons deep with thirsty flyers… I guess it’s the only way to fly. This too will pass

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