Like Sardines…

I was thoughtful enough to check my two small bags in, so all I had with me was my thick coat. Not being in first class, I waited my turn to board. Everyone seems to bring barely legal carry on’s on board but somehow it was a big deal for me to put my coat in m a overhead bin. 

The bin above me had a stuffed zebra or giraffe and sometime that looked quite pokey like a a cactus. I tried to lay in my coat gently in the bin when the flight attendant said, “Sir that bin is full. Use the bin across from you!” I followed her orders. A few minutes later she said, “That coat needs to be moved. I’ll let you it store it with the stuffed zebra and cactus.”

Of course I get a middle seat next to a guy who needs to lose 100 pounds. It was a great trip other than the traffic ticket I got last night for talking on the phone while driving… The officer reminded me to be safe and when I asked him if New Jersey had Trial by Declaration, he had no clue. Oh well, I’m coming back in late January if all goes as planned and deal with it then… This too will pass

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